Sophia Badeaux Bungay was born and raised between two artistic worlds:
Hollywood and Contemporary Art. Art in all forms was a constant in her life and
this gave her an ability to see through the complex nature of artistic freedoms
and a sense of purpose to her legacy.

She worked in the film industry for decades in development, production, and
post production, and in various departments; all the while writing continuously
and developing her skills. She attended film school, and when life through her
a curve ball, she became a Certified Grief Facilitator, seeking something
deeper. This changed the way she saw mass media content and art.

In 2015 she received her Certificate in Media and Film from Santa Fe
University of Art and Design. From 2016 -2021 she honed her craft, working on
photography, publishing, editing, and film projects in the Southwest United
States. At the end of 2021 yet another major perception shift happened and in
2022, she started taking a different approach to life; dropping off of social
media groups and honing her writing and art skills.

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