Art Curation

My legacy as an artist daughter, born and raised by two contemporary artist’s in Los Angeles, California, made me appreciate all aspects of art. When my Mom, Lynn Badeaux Bungay, passed away from cancer I was given her entire life’s work. After dealing with the countless films she did, archiving them digitally, I was inspired to work on a documentary Out of Abstract (update coming soon). there is still much more work to be done.

I hope, in the future, have a gallery, I also want to offer prints of these, and possibly a gallery show. In the meantime here is a sampling of her work below. More will be added as I work through my files.

Biography of Lynn Badeaux Bungay in the works.

Abstract: Watercolor & Gouache

Mineral King, High Sierras inspired: Watercolor

Abstract: Ink on paper

Hawaii inspired Watercolor

Abstract on wood

Oil on Canvas

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