Sophie Badeaux Bungay was born and raised between two artistic worlds: Hollywood and Contemporary Art. Art in all forms was a constant in her life and this gave her an ability to see through the complex nature of artistic freedoms and a sense of purpose to her legacy.

She worked in the film industry in various departments while writing continuously and developing her skills. She attended film school, and when life threw her a curve ball ended up becoming a Certified Grief Facilitator. Through life’s trials she sought something deeper, which has changed the way she sees mass media content and art.

In 2015 she completed film school, and honed her craft through 2021, working on photography, publishing, editing, and film projects.

At the end of 2021 her life shifted again, and so did her outlook. No longer the meek girl seeking approval from others she is a strong independent artist, hell bent on getting her projects done, and further building on her legacy.

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